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iWander Lite

4.4 ( 6304 ratings )
Sport Navigatie
Developer: Itinitek

Uses your iPhones advanced GPS, Camera, and compute power to log your journeys while youre out having fun! Easily share photos and route information with your friends using Facebook and Twitter, or email KMZ files.

Track descriptions, including photos, routes, and notes, can be stored and referenced on the iphone, and easily shared. An in-app purchase unlocks even more share options.

New tutorials in the info/help page show how to create and share tracks.

Simple but powerful. It does the work while youre hiking, bicycling, walking, running, or skiing. Use it to keep track of your daily exercise regimen. Archive your driving, travelling, commuting, field trips, or any other outdoor action adventure.

Use it along with your dedicated camera to identify locations of your pictures, just store the PDFs along with your vacation photos.

• Proprietary power usage algorithms result in minimal battery drain.

• Create Waypoints with full resolution photos at any location.

• Add text and descriptions to any picture, while you take it or later.

• Calculates velocity and distance.

• Displays each track interactively, on a terrain, street or hybrid map.

• Archives your tracks on your phone, stored in an easy-to-use and editable form.

When you leave iWander while logging is active, the track will continue to be recorded in the background. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. So we added a feature to shut off background GPS logging when your battery reaches 20%. You can change this threshold to 10% or 30% in the options menu.

At Itinitek we are committed to providing a high quality product, superior customer support, and quick responsiveness to user feedback.